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  • From Educators

    What our teachers have to say

    Mr Loh Chih Hui​

    HOD/Integrated Programme, St Nicholas Girls' School

    Through a unique blend of e-learning and hands-on workshops structured around real life scenarios, students were able to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and better appreciate the value of asking questions, whilst honing their problem solving and presentation skills.


    The students would recommend the workshop to their peers, which is testament to the effectiveness and professionalism of the team of trainers from Reactor.

  • From Students

    What our students have to say

    Meagan Wang​

    Year 5, Raffles Institution

    The awesome thing is that they not only teach you the fundamentals of starting and running a business, but also life lessons covering values and qualities a business leader should have.


    The 5-day bootcamp exemplifies this perfectly. As intense as it was, it was very rewarding as you realize how much you are capable of when you really apply yourself.

    Shilpa S Nath

    Participant at Punggol 21 Workshop

    Lean methodology is quite a new concept to many of the participants and yet they left the room knowing more about the concept and also how they can use this concept in everyday situations to test their ideas, and figure out if its viable. The conductor of the workshop also kept the participants engaged at all times.

    Stanley Cheong

    J1, Tampines Junior College

    One of the most important skill that I felt that I learned was the thought process that entrepreneurs used to identify problems as it allowed me to think more critically which can be useful even as a student (which I am now).


    Furthermore, I also learned many other skills such as organizing events as well as talking to people for extended periods of time.

    Mou Yan Qiao

    J1, Tampines Junior College

    Through this programme, I have understood what true entrepreneur meant, which is to understand the real issue and the real problems that people are facing, gain a lot of in depth feedback from them, analyse it, before creating the solutions.


    I have learnt that age should not be a factor in determining success and also, I realised that I need to step out of my comfort zone as communication/interaction are really important if I want to become a CEO. I realised that I need to be able to make my product sound really appealing and useful as that is also a skill as part of a CEO.


    J1, Anglo Chinese Junior College

    Being mildly introverted, networking has definitely been a hurdle for me to overcome. Through the pitching course we attended, the trainer has provided me with practical help through step-by-step instructions on pitching. This helped me be more comfortable with selling and presenting a project plan.


    Having heard from many friends and peers that they dread entering the workforce and being stuck with a 9-5 job, I feel that entrepreneurship is something that more students can consider. To truly be able to learn more about start-ups with first-hand experience, this is definitely a programme I would encourage people to attend.


    J1, Anglo Chinese Junior College

    I learnt about the importance of networking as it will allow you to meet more people who will be willing to provide you with advice, assistance and even, opportunities. Moreover, I also learnt that passion and enthusiasm is key, not only in work, but in life as well.

  • From Partners

    From the people we work with

    Shuo Yan​

    Grab (formerly known as GrabTaxi)

    Grab worked with Reactor on GrabSchool, a regional program that provides a platform for drivers' children to develop soft skills in teamwork and communication, prompts them to think about what the future holds, and guides them through the design thinking approach to innovation.


    As our Singapore training partner, Reactor designed a program that was uniquely suited to the age range and background of our participants. We transported 80 children to the year 2064, in which they were challenged to design and build the car of the future. In addition to overwhelmingly positive feedback on the program, over three-quarters of the children pledged to approach daily life differently and actively solve problems around them. We're excited at the prospect of working with Reactor again to bring entrepreneurial thinking to more children in Singapore.

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