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    Each month, we get together to discuss ideas and activities to support our kids. We weave entrepreneurship into our parenting to teach them values and skills.


    Collectively, we’re known as the Reactor Parent Network (RPN), so called because when the right elements are brought together in the right environment, a reaction occurs.


    Through this meet up, we hope to nurture our kids and support them in their personal and professional development. As a parent, we hope that our child will grow to be independent, resilient, and above all, contributing members to society.


    Each meetup, we discuss about a new sub-topic revolving around how entrepreneurship can be applied at home. For example, how can Mummy use design thinking to teach empathy? Or how can Daddy use pitching to teach communication skills? It could be as simple as setting up a lemonade stand or blog-shop*, or as wacky as building a drone^.


    Entrepreneurship lends itself well to teaching positive values and 21st century skills, and prepares our kids for a challenging (and exciting!) new world.


    So come and join us for our monthly meetups! Build a safe environment for our kids to try, fail, and try again. Each meetup also comes with a worksheet containing ideas and activities that Mum and Dad can try with the kids.


    *We will not be responsible if your son auctions away your unused dresses on Carousell.
    ^We will not be responsible if your daughter dismantles the washing machine. 

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